#20140903 - 10th std disabled student from Ramanathapuram looking for help

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Beneficiary is a 10th std physically challenged student studying in a govt. higher secondary school in Periyapattainam. He hails from a small remote village near Ramathanpuram where hardly 15 families live.

He lives with his parents and two younger brothers studying 8th and 6th. He was born 7 months premature and physically disabled by birth. His mother told us he was serious ill when he was born and survived after a long medical assitance.

Knowing a disabled, Tamilnadu government had given him a wheel chair 2 years before and he use it to travel 3 kms one way daily to the school. Since it is wheel chair he needs assitance to push it to move. So he is daily assited by his brother or friend's to take to the school.

A handicap cycle with front pedal would help him to move on his own. We are very proud to raise fund for this cause which means a lot to this student's life and his education.

He is average in studies but very interested in completing his school and go to college. He was referred to us by his school teacher knowing his problem in coming to school daily.

With of the help the teacher we got a quote from a cycle shop in Ramanathapuram. We feel it is better to get the cycle locally as he can take it there for any maintenance.

Once fund raised, we are going to send the cheque or DD to the cycle shop directly and deliver the cycle to the beneficiary. As we don't support cash transactions, we spoke to the shop and confirmed if they can accept cheque or DD.

Amount Details
  • Handicap cycle with front pedal - Rs.6000
Documents Verified
  • School bonafide certificate
  • Disability certificate
  • School photo
  • Cycle quotation
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Goal - 6000.00

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6000.00 raised by 2 people in 2 days
  • Oct 10, 2014

    Lakshmi Kanthan

    All the best

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    Good Luck


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