#20160703 - Govt Primary School needs help with the auto hire charge

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Organisation: Government Primary School, Valiyavillai, Keezhkulam, Pootetti Post, Kanyakumari District - 629157

This school is over 75 years old and has a record of providing quality education to many students in the locality. A couple of years ago, school strength dwindled to just about three or four students. The school was in danger of being closed by the government due to lack of patronage.However, a new headmistress appointed around the time took the initiative — along with alumni — to boost the school’s strength. About 30 students studied in the school last year.

To increase the numbers further, the team reached out to families in the surrounding neighbourhoods. Some of them were interested but their children could not walk to the school because it was too far from their homes. The headmistress and the alumnae pooled some of their own money to hire an auto-rickshaw that would ferry the children to and from school. This effort yielded good results: about 25 other children enrolled and the school strength now stands at 58.

According to government rules, one teacher is appointed for every 20 students. The school now has two teaching staff and two non-teaching staff. As this number was insufficient to meet the needs of students, the staff and alumni have pooled funds to hire four other teachers and a cleaner. The school is maintained well now. The school approached Aalayam for assistance with the auto hire charge, which comes to Rs. 4,800 per month. After reviews, we have decided to take up the cause and raise funds for this academic year (Aug 2016 - Apr 2017). The financial aid will benefit 25 rural students and help keep a government school operational.

From the funds raised for the academic year, the auto-rickshaw driver will be paid the hire charge every month. We will continue the arrangement next year after a review of the progress made.

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  • Auto hire charge - Rs.4800 x 9 months is Rs.43,200
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  • Vinoth Vasanth
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  • Aug 10, 2016

    mahadevan r

    Hope it helps the students/school in a small way.

  • Aug 07, 2016

    Vijaya Kumar

    Good luck to the students

  • Aug 04, 2016

    Santhosh Kumar

    Best wishes

  • Jan 01, 1900

    Venky & Friends - Singapore

    all the best


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