#20170405 - 3rd year BSc nursing student from Vellore

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By means of hard work and a little support from Aalayam, our beneficiary has accomplished 2st year B.Sc Nurning with 72% score. Local bank has also joined to support this student by providing him the educational loan for 40% on his total fee. Now the beneficiary request for 15K to accomplish his 3nd year of this course.

Beneficiary is from Vellore and studying nursing in the same city. He lives with his parents in a small house which was given by govt. in 1990. His elder sister is married and living with her husband.

His father is a full time alcoholic and not supporting the family. His father wants the beneficiary to go to work rather than studying. Mother is a sick person and not able to work, after getting few operations from government hospital, she is resting. During holidays beneficiary goes for 100 days job scheme and other coolie to help his family and take care of his expenses.

When we verify about this student progress in college, department professor told us, this student is very energetic and more creative in all activities. He keeps good attendance and also one of best performer in college. When we spoke with the student, he was very happy for our support and conveys sincere thanks to our donors . This time, we approve for his balance fees for 3rd year.

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    All the best

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    Vijaya Kumar

    Study Well :)


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