#20171203 - BSc Nursing 1st year from Vellore studying in Chennai

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When Aalayam visited this student’s house for a review, it was found that the family was among the poorest in the locality. The house is only a single room with asbestos roofing. But the humble circumstances this student grew up in has not deterred her from working towards a solid higher education.

The student has enrolled in a nursing course at an institution in Chennai. Her academic fees for the year is Rs. 90,000 and she has paid Rs. 10,000 in the first installment. The student hopes to receive a sum of Rs. 20,000 as a scholarship under the Tamil Nadu government’s first graduate in the family scheme. But she will still have to pay Rs. 60,000 as the balance of the academic fee. Enquiries with the institution show that the student is good with studies. To save on hostel fees while in Chennai, the student is temporarily staying with an aunt.

The student’s father passed away two years ago. He had been working as a watchman. The student’s mother recently joined a footwear manufacturing unit as her tailoring at home did not bring in much income. The mother has been promised Rs. 4,300 as monthly income at the footwear unit. The student also has a younger brother studying in a government school. The family has not had help from relatives after the death of the father.

After review, Aalayam has approved a sum of Rs. 45,000 as assistance.

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