#20180501 - Bsc Nursing final year student from Sholingur

Sholingur, Tamil Nadu 8 Donors

Our beneficiary has reached to the final stage of B.Sc. nursing, with our support from first year of her course. She is very confident now of getting a good job after her course, her seniors are guiding her well for the same.

The college also gave a very good feedback about this girl, proactive and good in studies.

Our Review team approved for Rs.35K tuition fees for final year.

She expressed her gratitude to Aalayam and donors, she now realize the importance of education and how Aalayam is changing her life and their family.

Background - Cause No: 20170701, 20160301, 20150608

She has received consistently good scores, similar to her Class XII (988/1200) and Class X (406/500) performance.

She recently got married but is keen to continue her education. Her husband, who works as a teacher in a private institute, is unwilling to fund her studies. He has said that the girl’s family should take care of the fees. Aalayam’s enquiries reveal that the families had not discussed her education before the wedding.

The girl’s mother is the primary breadwinner of the family. She sells homemade meals and snacks in her village. The father rarely supports the family and does not stay with them very often. The girl also has a younger brother who is in Class XII in a government school.

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