#20180705 - BA English 2nd year student from Kanyakumari Dist

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This student has completed her 1st year B.A English, unfortunately her father passed away few months ago, leaving this family with no support. College & department staff’s are very supportive for her and gave a good feedback when we reviewed her application.

Aalayam is approving for Rs.23000 as second year course fee and to provide our support to overcome her sorrow and difficulties.

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This student is considered a diligent pupil by her college adviser, is pursuing a B.A. English course in a college in Kanyakumari district.

Her father is wheelchair-bound and requires assistance for all her activities. She has a sister studying the same college. Their mother is keen for both girls to receive a good education. The student wants to complete her undergraduate degree and go for higher studies. She hopes to find a career in teaching at the college level.

The student’s adviser has vouched for her academic ability and hard work. The student did not clear one paper in the first set of internal exams but managed to secure a pass in all the subjects the next time.

Conversations with the family have revealed that they are going through a difficult time financially and find it difficult to pay the college fees. After review, Aalayam has offered assistance of Rs. 25,000 for the student

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