#20201101 - MA English first year student from Kanyakumari district

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This student is considered a diligent pupil by her college adviser, is pursuing a M.A. English course in a college in Kanyakumari district. She completed her B.A English with the help from our organization. As she couldn’t find a relative job due to Covid situation, she decided to continue for PG and requested our help again.

Her father passed away a couple of years ago and both her mother & elder sister were doing small jobs to manage the family expenses. Their mother is keen for her to receive a good education. The student wants to complete her higher studies, She hopes to find a career in teaching at the college level.

The student’s adviser has vouched for her academic ability and hard work.

Conversations with the family have revealed that they are going through a difficult time financially and find it difficult to pay the college fees. After review, Aalayam has offered assistance of Rs. 20,000 for the student.

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