#20210102 - BSc Hotel Management 3rd year student from Madurai

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The past year has been a very difficult one for families where the breadwinner has no steady income. In this case, for example, the student's father is a travelling tailor who takes his sewing machine to nearby villages to offer stitching services. On a good day, the father is able to make Rs. 300 but on some days he does not earn any money when his services are not needed. On rainy days and during the lockdown, the family suffered even more when the father could not take out his sewing machine.

The student's mother is a homemaker and his elder brother is an electrician, who is trying to get a job in Dubai. His father has taken a loan of Rs. 35,000 from a money-lender hoping that the elder son can apply for jobs abroad through an agent.

The student, who is now pursuing his undergraduate degree in hotel management, has done an internship in a star hotel in Rameswaram. The hotel has promised him a job once he completes his studies. However, the student has not been able to pay the fees for his third year of college and also has some outstanding fees from the previous year. He tried for a bank loan but was unsuccessful in his application. The family had their own small house with a thatched roof but it is now not in a liveable condition and needs repairs for which they do not have funds. They now live in a small place on a monthly rent of Rs. 1,500.

The student is keep to complete his course and start earning a livelihood. After review, Aalayam has decided to assist the student with a sum of Rs. 40,000 towards college fees.

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