#20210105 - BEd 2nd year student from Kanyakumari

Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu 5 Donors

This student has successfully completed her 1st year B.Ed. with the support from Aalayam, she requires a little support to complete her B.Ed. from a college near Kanyakumari.

Enquiring with the neighbors have revealed that the family of mother & daughter are still going through a difficult time and find it difficult to pay the college fees.

After review, Aalayam has offered the assistance of Rs. 13,000 towards her tuition fees for 2021.

Background Story: 

Aalayam was referred to this beneficiary who joined B.Sc. Physics in the college near Kanyakumari. Father of this family has ran away long time ago to marry an another women, left mother and daughter staying in a small room in her grandfather’s property. Since there is no any legal documents for the house, electricity was not provided.

Her mother is working in a paint brush company for daily wages of Rs.150, 6days a week. It wouldn’t be enough to run their family, in addition she is suffering with pneumonia. Student was in a situation to quit her studies and work, but we found that she is much interested in continuing her studies.

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  • Vinoth Vasanth

  • Chandramohan Ganesan
Goal - 13000.00

Raised - 13000.00

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13000.00 raised by 5 people in 18 days
  • Mar 14, 2021

    Vanitha Krishnan

    Study well and all the best

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    Senthil Krishnamoorthy

    All the very Best !!!

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    All the best

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    All the best


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