#20210203 - BCom 2nd year student from Kanyakumari

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Family strife has had a negative impact on this student's education but she is determined to overcome that obstacle. Her father is a daily wage earner who does not give any money to the family. Her mother works in a textile shop at a salary of Rs. 5,000 per month. It is with this meagre income that the family is being run.

The student's parents have frequent quarrels and the father had abandoned them for about two years. Now, he is back with the family but the strife continues. The student could not score to her full potential during the Class 12 exams because of all the familial stress. However, she managed to join a B.Com programme and was being supported with her fees by her mother's brother. The student also has a younger brother in Class 9, studying in a government school nearby.

The family lives in a small house on a piece of land that the student's mother inherited from her parents. But meeting the basic daily expenses is still a struggle and relatives have not been able to help this year. The student wants to study well and complete her degree so that she stands a chance at getting a good job. She is regular with classes. However, the college management has told students that those who are yet to pay their fees will not be able to sit for the examination.

After a complete review of the situation, Aalayam has decided to support the student with a sum of Rs. 13,000 towards her fees.

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