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The beneficiary is doing her final year BSc (Physician Assistant) in Coimbatore. Her father works as a private driver for daily wages. So far, he was able to earn enough to manage the family, but the covid has affected his earnings badly, as well as the family.

To keep running the family, her mother has just started to work as a housemaid. Beneficiary got two younger sisters, where one of them is studying Diploma in govt polytechnic and the other doing her 9th grade from a govt school.

For the past two years, they have managed the college fees by taking loans, which are already due for re-payment. She came to know about us through her classmate and contacted us for support in 3rd year. She also requested us to support for final yare. We did found that she is good in her studies and an active student.

After our reviews, we approve for 15000.00 for this year. 

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  • Rajesh Kumar
Goal - 15000.00

Raised - 15000.00

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    Anand Ramasubu

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    Venkatesan Ragunathan

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